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Eating and sleeping in tents in Diep Son Island

After the backpackers’ discovery of the beauty of Diep Son island (Van Ninh, Khanh Hoa), it became the tourist destination attracting a large number of local and foreign visitors every day. Diep Son Island is also called Bip Island because previously a lot of Centropus sinesis lived in here. this island belongs to Diep Son

The ancient heritage house of Van Duong Phu in Saigon

20 years after the scholar Vuong Hong Sen’s death, the house still has ancient appearance with decorations bringing the imprint of time. >> Vietnam Travel’s Beauty Through The Lens Of Photographer >> World Heritages In Vietnam The house at 11 Nguyen Thien Thuat (Ward 14, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh city) is the private home of

Vietnam travel’s beauty through the lens of photographer

The work “Come back to the source” with images of tourists listening tour guide explaining the Cham relics reached the first prize winner in 7th national tourism artwork competition. >> World Heritages in Vietnam >> Traditional Markets of Vietnamese People After 6 months of launch, the competition has received 5464 photos of 454 authors from 55 provinces

World Heritages in Vietnam

Vietnam has 21 world heritage properties including 5 cultural heritage sites, 2 natural heritage sites, 1 mixed heritage site, 9 intangible cultural heritage forms, and 4 documentary heritages. Natural Heritage Sites 1 – Halong Bay – UNESCO World Heritage Site listed in 1994 Halong Bay was listed in 1994 as a World Heritage Site by the

Traditional Markets of Vietnamese People

Lovers of shopping and markets will find their paradise in Vietnam. The markets in Vietnam is something inherent in the culture and way of life of the country Countryside Market Many communes in rural Vietnam feature countryside markets (chợ quê).   There are two main types of countryside market: the fair and the evening market.

Vietnamese Architecture and Fine Arts

Vietnamese Architecture Vietnamese architecture arises from the Kings Hung dynasty. Before the 10th century, villages and hamlets appeared in this period according to several tales of Linh Nam. The ancient Vietnamese used wood to build houses to protect themselves from tigers and wolves. Two kinds of houses were depicted on the bronze drums; one in

Vietnamese Traditional Costumes

Traditional costumes of the Vietnamese people tend to be very simple and modest. Men wear brown shirts and white trousers. Their headgear is simply a piece of cloth wrapped around the head and their footwear consists of a pair of plain sandals. For formal ceremonies men would have two additional items, a long gown with

Vietnam Art Performance

Vietnamese art has a long and rich history which is always retain many distinctively Vietnamese characteristics. Vietnam’s traditional music has played an important role in the local life that expresses the innermost feelings, encourage, communicate and educate people for a happy and better life. It includes Tuong singing, Then singing, Cai Luong, Chau Van, Cheo,