Hanoi today

In Hanoi, there are still old streets with characteristics which have created the urban hallmarks of the capital city in the north. Hanoi today also has new features, which are more modern, youthful and dynamic, with large avenues and high-rise buildings. If you book
vietnam package tours, Hanoi will is one of memorable destinations you should not miss.

Large avenues and roads


More than ten years ago, Hanoi residents were so familiar with the small streets, lanes and short streets, which were laid out in an order similar to a chessboard, that they knew them like their palms.
But now nobody can say he/she knows all the roads and streets in Hanoi because the streets are much different than before.
With the exception of the old quarter in the centre of the city, a large transport system has been built.
All of the new roads are large and beautiful, such Thang Long Avenue, Nguyen Chi Thanh, Le Van Luong, Pham Hung and Khuat Duy Tien Roads and Bac Linh Dam – Mai Dich Highway.
Seen from above, especially at night, the new roads in Hanoi look like a sparkling river of light running through the heart of the city.
In the near future Hanoi will have a system of overhead railways.
At that time, city residents and visitors will have a new pastime of exploring the thousand-year-old Hanoi from different angles.

Small cities in the heart of Hanoi

Hanoi in night light
Hanoi in night light

Along with the transportation infrastructure, the appearance of urban areas in Hanoi has experienced a lot of changes, becoming larger and more modern.
In the past, Hanoi was well-known for its ancient quarter and old streets with rows of brown-roofed houses or luxurious and romantic villas of the French classic architecture.
Now, besides these old features, the city has many new urban areas with a new, youthful and dynamic architectural style of modern times.
That is the reason why many foreign tourists have good feelings when they visit Hanoi.
That is because, besides an old charming Hanoi, there is an attractive and modern Hanoi that looks slightly like Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo or some other Asian capitals, because it also has high-rise buildings and new urban areas, such as Keangnam Tower, Indochina Plaza, PetroVietnam Tower, Linh Dam, Ciputra – Nam Thang Long, Times City, Royal City, The Manor, Mandarin Vineyard and Vincom Village.

All these new-style architectural complexes have some features in common, i.e, modernity, comprehensiveness and convenience. With a good infrastructure and services, they provide ideal living conditions for people who live and work there.

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