Khem beach and Ong Doi cape in Phu Quoc

About 25km form Duong Dong town, Khem beach is one of the new destinations attracting tourists in Phu Quoc with enchanting white sands.

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Khem beach

Stretching with white sand, green trees and magnificent sea, Khem beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Phu Quoc with white sand as creamy and clean blue seawater bringing incredible feeling of relaxing. It is a private bay, particularly suitable for resort.

Khem beach
Khem beach

Not long as Long beach or some other popular beaches on the island, Khem beach is attractive by its white sand and smooth curves.

Sand in here has a fine deposition and so smooth that even setting foot on the sand, it still sinks, do not make water become cloudy. This is the most unique and rare characteristic.

Ong Doi Cape

Especially near Khem beach, guests can visit Ong Doi Cape with unique terrain bordering sea in 2 sides. In a unique position in the world, Ong Doi Cape is the only place you can watch the sun rises and sets at the same location.

Ong Doi Cape
Ong Doi Cape

Vivid landscapes with unique patterns, white sand beaches, the cliffs, spectacular reefs and colorful tropical coral reefs… bring unprecedented experience of a tropical beach paradise in the world.

The attraction of Khem Beach and Ong Doi Cape

Attracting travelers by poetic beauty, Khem Beach and Ong Doi Cape are new attractive and impressive destinations bringing a unique experience to visitors.

Up to now, Khem Beach and Ong Doi Cape has not much travelers because it was manged by the army until 2009. At this point, when the planning Ngoc Phu Quoc Island is done, An Thoi – Duong Dong town became a major axis of planning, certainty Khem Beach and Ong Doi Cape will become not-missed sites for the adventurous traveler.

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