The ancient heritage house of Van Duong Phu in Saigon

20 years after the scholar Vuong Hong Sen’s death, the house still has ancient appearance with decorations bringing the imprint of time.

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The house at 11 Nguyen Thien Thuat (Ward 14, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh city) is the private home of Mr Vuong Hong Sen, named Van Duong Phu (Van Duong is one of his pseudonym including Anh Vuong, Van Duong, Dat Co Trai). This is the old house 5 rooms, 2 compartments, 15 m wide, 20 m deep, located on an area of 750 m2.

When still being alive, Mr Vuong searched and purchased from the suburbs of Phu Xuan – Nha Be area and rebuilt it near Ba Chieu Market in 1952.


He spent a lot of efforts to bring this home ancient appearance with decorations bringing the imprint of time. On December 12th, 1996, Mr Vuong died and his funeral coffin was put in here. Currently, the main room is hanging many photos of the former scholar including some photos of him sitting in doorstep.

20 years after his death, the home has been still well remained with large piles firmly supporting the complex structure of the house.


The front and inside of the house are countless structures, elaborately carved patterns with ancient bore.

The pillars of the house are made of certainly large wood slats sculpted with many subtle textures.

The space inside is arranged multiple cells to take the light from two sides and on the roof.

Two behind wood doors has the traditional architecture of the ancient Vietnamese people, and still very solid.

Atrium area behind the house is still a fish tank. When he was alive, the campus is shady thanks to mango, sapodilla, durian trees and the old apricot tree.

Two extra rooms behind with the harmonious roof classes are opposite to each other.

All rooms are decorated with ancient red tile roof. The rare emerald yin-yang tiles are mounted along the eaves. The prestigious magazines such as Time, Newsweek have ever come here to learn and introduce the house containing many cultural values.

Two sides of the old houses are mounted the circles to get sunlight. The Walls and truss rods are pretty solid.

Many wooden bars of this house are dismantled and put behind. Currently the grandson of Mr Vuong is living in this old house.

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