Customs and Habits of Vietnamese People

Traditional Vietnamese customs and habits have been formed time to time for thousands of years. This creates a long-lasting culture. Despite of the domination of Chinese and other powers, Vietnamese people still remains their unique cultural identity.

In the course of development, customs and habits are indispensable spiritual field in Vietnamese culture. It is the original cultural values of the country strongly that define the identity and the long-lastingness of culture in Vietnam. In the entire history of Vietnam, Vietnamese culture is the combination of native culture, cultural exchange with China, Asian region and western countries. However, with a firm native culture, Vietnamese people keep their culture away from being assimilation, and “Vietnamizing” those cultural features instead. Vietnam culture is characterized by a series of unique customs and habits such as worshiping ancestors, chewing betel, and other customs in traditional ceremonies like funeral ceremony, long-life ceremony, etc. These customs and habits are associated with community of villages, communes. Vietnam is a country of festivals, especially in spring. There are several famous festivals featuring Vietnamese culture like Tet Nguyen Dan, Tet Nguyen Tieu, Tet Han Thuc, Tet Doan Ngo, Mid-Autumn Festival, etc. Yet, customs and habits of Vietnamese people vary from region to region, and ethnic group to ethnic group.

Tet of Vietnamese

Tet Holiday

Vietnamese have many festivals in year, of which Lunar New Year Festival (Tet Nguyen dan) is the biggest festival, besides numerous other unique festivals.

Worship of Hung Kings

The worship of Hung Kings originates from Hung Kings dynasty and had strongly developed for a long time before officially honored in Post Le Dynasty (1428 – 1788). The later dynasties and Vietnamese Government always pay attention and encourage people to maintain the worship of Hung Kings.

Worship of Ancestor Custom

Ancestor Worshiping

A very popular belief among Vietnamese is the custom of the ancestor cult. In every household, an ancestor altar is installed in the most solemn location.

Villages – Guilds

The Vietnamese culture has always evolved on the basis of the wet rice civilization. Thus, the lifestyle of the Vietnamese population is closely related to its village and native lands.

Customs of Chewing Betel and Areca Nuts and smoking thuoc lao

According to legends, chewing quid of betel and areca has been a custom since the Hung Vuong period and is connected to the antique legend of betel and areca.

Wedding Ceremony


Getting married is an important event in a Vietnamese’s life. The procedure of the ancient wedding ceremony was very complicated. Current wedding ceremony procedures include the following steps: the search for a husband or wife, the proposal, the registration, and finally the wedding.

Funeral Ceremony

Funeral Ceremony

“The sense of the dead is that of the final,” says a Vietnamese proverb, meaning that funeral ceremonies must be solemnly organized.


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