Eating and sleeping in tents in Diep Son Island

After the backpackers’ discovery of the beauty of Diep Son island (Van Ninh, Khanh Hoa), it became the tourist destination attracting a large number of local and foreign visitors every day.

diep son

Diep Son Island is also called Bip Island because previously a lot of Centropus sinesis lived in here. this island belongs to Diep Son village, Van Thanh commune, Van Ninh district, Khanh Hoa, about 60 km from Nha Trang city. In this picture is the walking road on the sea linking two islands of Diep Son Island Cluster.

It has several hundred households mainly living by the beach. From the port of Van Gia fishing village and beautiful coconut trees, tourists travelling by wooden boat in 1 hour or in 15 minutes by high-speed boats will come to Diep Son.


About 2 years, when the backpackers discover the wild beauty along with very nice beach walk on every tide, a large amount of tourists began to visit this land. If traveling by canoe, visitors will access the island on a pontoon bridge and by wooden boat, the guests have docked at the fishing village, and walking the coastal path near 1 km.

diep sơn1

Now it has a restaurant for dining and relaxing on the island.

Diep Son has two adjacent islands. When the tide is up, you need a boat to move from the island to another one. However when the tide recedes, a unique path appears. Thus, visitors can have fun as well as explore the island while waiting for low tide.

diep sơn2

Here, visitors can rent kayaks to go around.

A Girl from Hanoi enjoyed sitting on the couch and taking photograph in tidal water road among the vast sea sky.

Mr Duong Nguyen Thanh, an employee of a travel company played the guitar and sang to entertain visitors while waiting for low tide.

diep sơn3

A lunch with fresh seafood help guests to get power for walking on the waterway to the other island.

Depending on the season, by the afternoon, the tide began to recede and the roads gradually revealed. The most attractive thing here is visitors can walk on the water.

The excitement of a girl with nature while walking on the waterways.

This time, many foreign tourists have been known to Diep Son Island and come here to visit.

However, the joy of the visitors is to discover the suffering of fishermen here. At low tide, the boat cannot go through. They have to go on foot to cross the island to capture coincides or shellfish and snails.

diep son5

When roads are increasingly exposed, visitors may feel walking on the immense sand.

Those who prefer to spend the night on the island can rent a tent to sleep in nature and see the dawn on the island.

In the afternoon, visitors can enter the village to find out people’s lives on the island. It is also very interesting.

Ducks are farmed freely on the beach.

A scene is quiet and unspoiled.


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